Me: the longest project of my life

This project has been started many years ago and I am still developing it. Actually, this is still work in progress.

BibSpace – Publication List Management

BibSpace software boosts the management and publishing of your publications. Any research group or single researchers can immediately start with their publication list. Using this system allows, among others, to: (1) prepare a HTML list of publications that looks exactly as created by BibTeX; (2) categorize, tag, and advertise your papers, reports, patents; (3) get higher scores for search engines: Google and Google Scholar, (4) manage your research team and your co-authors; (5) invite other researches to cite your work with just a single click.

Available as software to download and host on your server. SaaS and PaaS deployments may come soon.

Descartes Network Infrastructures

Meta-model, Examples, Model Transformations, and Solvers

DNI is a family of meta-models designed for modeling the performance of communication networks. DNI is tightly related to DML and the main modeling domain are data center networks. A user can model network topology, switches, routers, servers, virtual machines, deployment of software, network protocols, routes, flow-based configuration and other relevant network parts. DNI can be used to model any type of network as it was designed to be as generic as possible.

The DNI Meta-model has been designed to support describing the most relevant performance influencing factors that occur in practice while abstracting fine-granular low level protocol details. Instances of the DNI Meta-model (DNI models) are automatically transformed to predictive stochastic models (e.g., product-form queueing networks or stochastic simulation models) by means of model-to-model transformations.


Maintaining Perl package authored by Mark Nodine

Text::BibTeX::BibStyle is a module that can format Text::BibTeX::Entry objects by interpreting a bibstyle (.bst) file such as ieeetr.bst. In this way, Perl can use the same bibliographic style files that bibtex does.

I contributed several internal changes to make it more portable, e.g., read BibTeX entries from variable instead from a disk, point to any .bst file using a variable. Update Github -> CPAN comes soon.

Endless Game

An arcade strategy game with unlimited levels.

Supervised by me, programmed by students: Thomas R., Marco W., Paul B. The game won the prize for best software projects among 11 other groups (Softwarepraktikum summer term 2016).

Medieval Tower Defense Game

A strategy tower defense game.

Supervised by me, programmed by students: Rafael W., Christian P., Felix B. The game won the prize for best software projects among 8 other groups (Softwarepraktikum summer term 2015).


Why alpha projects?

The apps are usually my free-time projects. Sometimes one has a brilliant idea and wants to start quickly with a prototype to see how the idea works in practice. Rapidly, new work duties appear on your schedule and you need to devote your free time for sleep, relax or sport. This is how a brilliant idea gets unfinished. It works, can be used by the users but is still classified as an early alpha version. By the way, is there any software on the market that is really finished?

What is hex64?

These are two cool names in one hex64 and 0x40. Let's call it a brand, but there is no company behind it.